Daniel Shillito

What clients have to say …


“Daniel provided me and my husband Nick with fantastic support and advice for purchasing our property in Italy.

We had a number of obstacles to navigate in what was a complicated process and Daniel provided a wealth of knowledge and a steady presence to help us get to the finish line

If you’re looking for assistance to help you buy and move to Italy, we have no hesitation in recommending his services.”


Moved to Tuscany

Italian property assist

“Daniel at D&G was of fantastic assistance .. our purchase took many months and he was always available throughout. I couldn’t recommend him too highly.”

Mark D.


tailored solutions

“Daniel has been a trusted and valued advisor for my family since we bought out first house 8 years ago. Since that time he has delivered great advice, support and ultimately great financial outcomes for us across a number of investments.  Unlike many Financial Advisors, Daniel has consistently demonstrated the rare ability to deliver solutions that are genuinely tailored to our financial objectives rather than his own. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who values the combination of a truly personal approach and comprehensive, professional advice.”

Andy D.

Category Marketing Manager

Solutions for complex challenges

“Daniel was excellent at finding a solution for a very complex and challenging set of circumstances. His contacts and relationships were obviously a key part in him providing a solution and getting a positive result. He takes a well thought out and measured approach – certainly doesn’t over promise and under deliver like some others can do in this sector.”

Chris D.

Managing Director

Measured advice

“I have sought general financial advice and specific property financial advice from Daniel over the past six years. Daniel provides measured advice with a couple of recommended options that I can assess and discuss before we make a final decision, which always takes into account my lifestyle and financial goals. I find Daniel to be extremely personable and feel he has my best interests in mind when providing advice and recommendations. He is also very clear and patient in explaining the finer financial details to ensure his clients fully understand his advice. I have recommended Daniel to many friends and colleagues, who continue to seek his financial advice today. I recommend Daniel without hesitation.”

Karen B.

Learning & Organisational Development Manager

Best in Class

“Daniel has that very rare ability to combine best in class financial planning and advice with a very personable approach. You can always be assured that Daniel’s advice is 100% with your best interests in mind as everything he does starts with a deep understanding of your lifestyle needs and expectations. For the last 3 years Daniel has been a fundamental part in our wealth generation planning from property to shares and beyond. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle through better financial planning”

Alan R.

Founding Partner

Have you already relocated to a new country? You may be about to relocate or you may be considering relocating to a new country.

You will have assets, bank accounts, perhaps pensions, shares and funds, and perhaps property or other assets you have left behind in the country you have moved from. You may even have a Will.

How can you deal with them most appropriately? Can they be managed from afar or should they be sold? What are the tax implications now you have moved abroad and how will your new country consider them for tax purposes?

At these times it can seem almost impossible to get the answers you need to navigate your way around all the changes that will affect your financial life. Traditional relocation companies and employers focus on moving house, your family, visas and passport questions, perhaps moving pets and finding a local school or childcare.

Most professional advisers focus on one country and they cannot help you with your transition issues or how to deal with the challenges surrounding your financial assets in another country.

We know how difficult it can be, and we specialise precisely in this area – helping you to understand how to deal with your finances including property, when you have moved to a new country.

Advice that you might find relevant right now for your situation includes:

* Advice and recommendations about how to manage your financial affairs from Europe, (especially the UK or Italy) and/or Australia, and especially when moving between these countries.

* How to deal with pensions from different countries, or superannuation from Australia
* Dealing with the new, local tax and fiscal environment
* How to structure your assets and investments efficiently and legally for tax purposes
* Helping to create a long term personal financial plan taking into account more than one country or complex situations
* and regular reviews of financial plans, especially as your circumstances change. This aspect is key, but an optional element of advice

You may not have described it as such or considered it before, but essentially at this time in your life you need to undertake some personal financial planning. It’s this planning that can provide the background or foundation for your future decisions.

“Personal financial planning could be described as the process to create a flexible plan to help you achieve your very personal goals and life objectives, using your current situation, assets and resources”

To arrange a confidential discussion with no immediate obligations,  contact Daniel Shillito in the form below.

Daniel is our financial expert who takes time to understand your own personal situation (because no two situations are the same). Daniel has lived and worked in 5 different countries across Europe, the USA and Australia experiencing all these issues and his focus is to provide guidance and personal advice across borders.

We look forward to helping you navigate your way through all the changes and helping you to achieve your life goals and dreams!